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Vehicle Suspension, Steering, Damping and Anti-roll System with Linear Wheel Travel

Prototype Vehicle Assembly Pictures
The Future of Vehicle Suspensions is Here !!
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US Utility Patent # 8,256,781 B2                                                                              
Eliminate caster, camber, toe-in and steering axis changes during suspension movement!                        
Eliminate bump and brake steer!                                                                               
Eliminate tire squeal during turns!                                                                           
Improve anti-roll properties!                                                                                 
Precisely control Ackerman angles using a cam-driven steering customized for your application!                
Save weight!  No anti-roll bar needed!                                                                        
Make rapid suspension or anti-roll changes using an easily accessible remotely mounted spring assembly!       
Increase modularity of suspension components and reduce tooling requirements!                                 
Suspension System Overview                     
* The suspension system operates using cables to transmit steering input and carry suspension loads.
* Springs and shock absorbers can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle.                               
* Cables carry loads from the wheel to the remotely mounted springs.                                
* Steering input is transmitted from steering wheel to wheel components using cables.               
* Spring/shock absorber assembly incorporates built-in anti-roll technology                         
  using a unique 3-spring configuration.                                                            
* Partial in-wheel design saves space.                                                              
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